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SBS 2011 goes bye-bye

Alas Microsoft is in the process of ending the 2008R2 server and Exchange 2010 from regular support and updates (limited support until 2020 but only critical security patches).  This means all those companies that have one of these awesome beasties … Continue reading

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‘BadTunnel’ a gateway to hell

Microsoft has a bounty program, which pays if you find a bug and explain why it’s a bug (or exploit).  They pay upto $50,000 USD for the information.  Yang Yu, founder of Tencent’s Xuanwu Lab has made previous successful bounty claims … Continue reading

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Randsomware – the ‘new’ virus type

Locky encrypts your data using AES encryption and then demands .5 bitcoins to decrypt your files.  Though the ransomware sounds like one named by my kids, there is nothing childish about it.  It targets a large number of file extensions and … Continue reading

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SBS is dead, but not forgotten.

Microsoft officially ended the Small Business Server (aka SBS) to the chagrin of many smaller companies wanting in-house control of their data at a reasonable cost.  With this move the cost of having an in-house solution for email & data … Continue reading

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HeartBleed & Microsoft

The Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL has received a significant amount of attention, worry naught it won’t get you unless you have Apache on your Windows server. Microsoft services were not impacted by the OpenSSL vulnerability and the Windows implementation of SSL/TLS … Continue reading

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Vitualization vs. Cloud Computing

People often get the terms “virtualization” and “cloud computing” confused, believing that they can be used interchangeably when, in fact, they are diametrically opposed. Virtualization tricks your software into believing that it’s running on a real server, network or storage … Continue reading

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DNS Happens

DNS (Domain Name Service) has been around since the first time someone tried a name instead of an IP to get somewhere on the Internet.  Which translates to only a few years younger than the first network. What happens when you … Continue reading

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Microsoft rolls out Skype?

On June 27th 2012 Microsoft accidentally put Skype into thier ‘Important’ updates for the WSUS.  What happened was that millions of users got Skype installed on thier desktop without consent and let’s face.. not really needing it. The update was … Continue reading

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Virus hits 600,000 Macs (so far)

For a couple of months Apple has been aware of some malware called ‘Mac Flashback’ and a resounding failure to do anything about it has cause and estimated (so far) 600,000 viral infections on Mac.  Thus the arguement finally ends, … Continue reading

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New iPad, or so they thought

Gizmodo (a tech savy company that offers layman explanations about the latest gizmos) while underwhelmed by the new iPad2 thought they have some fun with the non-tech.  This fun was giving a regular iPad2 user a ‘new iPad’, which was … Continue reading

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