We started back in the 80’s, when music was better, hair was bigger and computers were just starting to arrive on the business scene.  They would often malfunction and no-one had any idea how to fix them as even computer shops learned as they went (computer certification and training were years away).  Simply having had a few classes in computers made you the resident expert and only source of solution for those multi-thousand dollar monochrome boat anchors.  The internet wouldn’t even appear for another decade… you simply had to puzzle out a solution by knowing how computers worked.

LogicITy Computer Services has been in business since 2006 building a successful Computer Sales and Service Center in the Vancouver, BC area. We are a family run business and we care about your computer experience. Our knowledgeable service personnel understands what it’s like to NOT be a computer geek so whatever your needs may be, we can help. With a combined 60 years experience in the computer industry, we know our stuff.

LogicITy Computer Services
Lee Davies
31267 Bridge Street
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Yale, BC, V0K 2S0

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