My TEDx Talk

On Saturday April 14, 2018 I presented at the TEDx in Chilliwack, BC.  I applied last year, had an audition in January (was accepted as a presenter) then got on stage Saturday.

I had no IDEA how much work it would be.  Writing a script for a talk, less than 18 minutes that would explain Blockchain, the Cloud, our loss of privacy and give people options to create meaningful change.  Then memorize it, edit, re-edit, re-memorize and on the presentation night being more scared than anything I’ve done while fire fighting.  I got the 1st two lines out and then my tongue became wet leather, a stumble or three but I managed to get it together and, I think, present an acceptable talk.

By the end of April it’ll be on the TED/TEDx site among a thousand other talks and I’m hoping it’ll be of some interest.  When it’s ready I’ll post up a new link to the video and some pictures (which are also being worked on).