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My TEDx Talk

On Saturday April 14, 2018 I presented at the TEDx in Chilliwack, BC.  I applied last year, had an audition in January (was accepted as a presenter) then got on stage Saturday. I had no IDEA how much work it … Continue reading

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Your New Server

It’s probably that time again.  You knew it was coming but that old 2008R2 has been running well or at least it was until recently. So what to do now that 2008R2 is done and if you knew me you … Continue reading

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SBS 2011 goes bye-bye

Alas Microsoft is in the process of ending the 2008R2 server and Exchange 2010 from regular support and updates (limited support until 2020 but only critical security patches).  This means all those companies that have one of these awesome beasties … Continue reading

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DNS Happens

DNS (Domain Name Service) has been around since the first time someone tried a name instead of an IP to get somewhere on the Internet.  Which translates to only a few years younger than the first network. What happens when you … Continue reading

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The current WorkStation

Upgrading a computer workstation (home or office) can be a real gamble.  Not only is it a good deal of cash the time and energy to move all your data, programs and re-do all your settings is significant.  Sadly, far … Continue reading

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Server Migration

The web server (and backup mail) is moving from the old DDS (fractional dedicated server) to a newer ‘virutal’ server located in the ‘cloud’.  The advantages are it’s a little more reliable but mostly it cleans up years of alterations … Continue reading

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A New Website

After the same website for nearly 5 years a facelift was in order.  Using WordPress this should make updates a little easier and possible get information to our customers in a more timely fashion, not to mention links to the … Continue reading

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