Networking is more than just the cable in your home or office.

A computer by itself is a single device but as a network grows their power and capabilities increase as does the complexity of the environment they inhabit.  A wonderful server on slow cabling is just a slow server.

Trouble shooting, supplying devices and installations of networks are only a few of the task we can do to help you communicate better.  Wireless to Fiber and everything in between.. call for advice, it’s always free.

Internet / Domain Services:

For those that want their own email, domains and server level access we have hosting services available at extremely reasonable rates.  These are only available to service customers and not the general public because support is included.

  • Small Domain $25/month (1 Gig transfer and space)
  • Medium Domain $50/month (1-10 Gig transfer and space)
  • Large Domain $75/month (10-100 Gig transfer and space per month
  • Domain Setup $50 (one time)
  • Support is free
  • Programming, installation, web design and everything else is $85/hour (see rates)

Each hosted domain includes any or all of the following services as well as many more possibilities too numerous to list here:

  • Email –  webmail, POP3, SMTP, forwarding and more.  No limit on box size or number of accounts.
  • WebHosting – HTML & PHP with scripting on a Quad-Core Xeon Centos box
  • Databases – MySQL or PostGres
  • Shell Account – command line access in a chrooted environment
  • FTP – transfer file to and from your site easily and secure
  • FrontPage – so you can edit your own pages as desired
  • DNS – Manager your own or simply call and we’ll do it for you
  • Graphical Interface – control your entire site using the Plesk Interface, no need to learn code
  • Tomcat, Mambo, VPN, Samba, Firewalls, Forums.. more stuff than easily listed here
  • Backups and off-site data storage (just in case)

You won’t find better for less and if you have ANY problems just call and it’ll be resolved.