Planning is everything. Without a good plan the significant investment in phones, computers and the like can be wasted or poorly utilized. Here are a few things you can ask that can save your literally thousands of dollars each month and cost little to nothing to implement.

Best way to find these answer, is to ask.

  • Did you know you can use your high speed Internet to cut outgoing long distance rates by 90%?
  • Employees can work on their desktops, from home with free software that is fully licensed and included in Windows
  • Multiple offices can share files as easily as if they were in the same office using default server programs
  • A lost phone can can be wiped/disabled remotely
  • Turning your copier into a network printer can be as simple as plugging in a cable
  • Running your own website, email, file server and security system can take a professional as little as 2-4 hours a month
  • Monthly maintenance is cheaper than annual upgrades
  • Antivirus software doesn’t have to be a pain to manage and the corporate versions are actually cheaper
  • For less than $1000 you can backup your company in such a way that if the building burns to the ground at 9am you can be up and running by lunch the same day

You, as a company or individual, need answers and planning. For that you need someone that will spend the time, talk to you, learn your needs and how your business works.. then make a solution that fits you, instead of fitting you to a solution.