Computers are a collection of parts and even an old machine can be made to perform well with only minor modifications.  Getting the most out of your computer budget requires the buyer to know what it is they actually need and that’s where the free advice from LogicITy can save you a bundle on even smaller purchases.

Since we are not a hardware company and do not make computers we will recommend and arrange the delivery of the best ‘bang for the buck’ that suits your needs.  Sure you can spend $5000 on a server but why when the job will be equally well done by a machine at half that price?

LogicITy can procure and install a number of devices and upgrades to help you get more use and return from your computer investment, consider the following:

  • Upgrading network speed with new cabling
  • Video card replacement for new games and better graphics
  • Additional storage for your machine or network
  • Printer, scanners and devices the whole office can use
  • Replacing monitors, keyboards and mice for an office ‘face lift’

Advice is always free and highly recommended.  It will save you hundreds with a single call.