Anonymous – Good, Bad or What?

 There’s a good chance if you’ve been reading or listening to the news you’ve heard tell of a mysterious group called ‘Anonymous’.  They have no leader, answer to no one and for the most part are a complete enigma when one considers how groups work.

The group has been linked from topics as far ranging as ‘TitStorm’ in Australia (the attempt to block pictures of small breasted women) to the freedom uprising in Syria & Egypt with a collection in between.  The US government has a few times been at both ends of the stick and a few over-inflated corporate egos (HB Gary, The Tea Party, Visa, PayPal & MasterCard to name a few) have had a good slap.  You’ll want to read the Wikipedia article that covers some of their history.

So you might ask, why talk about this on LogicITy?  I want people aware of something called ‘False flags’.  The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colours; that is flying the flag of a country other than one’s own.  Governments and corporations do this regularly and it’s a mainstay in political battles.  Malware often tricks you pretending to be from someone you would trust, this is the same principle.

Anonymous has uncovered some very sneaky and dirty stuff going on in the internet, it would serve some governments and corporations to have you not listen to what they have to say.  I’m suggesting you listen to that faceless group before dismissing them as hackers, cyber terrorists or punks.

Oh.. and don’t worry about FaceBook on November 5th.. Anonymous has never been about ‘shooting the messenger’.

Chinese hackers were seeking economic data

All those updates from the last 2 months get a slightly greater ‘public’ light today with some new information being released.

The Chinese government hackers who unsuccessfully attempted to break into the Canadian finance department’s computers were not after military secrets but economic secrets, says a prominent security expert.

CTV News learned Wednesday that Chinese government hackers had attempted to break into federal government network systems. Sources told CTV that Canadian Security Intelligence Service has advised government officials not to name China as the country where the attacks were launched.

Read the full article at CTV News though the video clip has the information you really want to hear.

Keep your machines as current as possible and your anti-virus upto date, beyond that call if something ‘odd’ is happening.