Apple gets BlackHole RAT

RAT employs client-server program that communicates to its victim’s machine through its trojan server. The server application is installed on the victim while the client application is on the managing side.

BlackHole is more a bare-bones, proof-of-concept beta program right now — but the software is pretty easy to use, and if a criminal could find a way to get a Mac user to install it, or write attack code that would silently install it on the Mac, it would give him remote control of the hacked machine.

Mac OS X has been gaining market share on Windows lately, and that’s starting to make it a more interesting platform for criminals.  While Mac malware is still very rare, he has seen another Trojan, called HellRTS, circulating on file-sharing sites for pirated Mac software.

Chinese hackers were seeking economic data

All those updates from the last 2 months get a slightly greater ‘public’ light today with some new information being released.

The Chinese government hackers who unsuccessfully attempted to break into the Canadian finance department’s computers were not after military secrets but economic secrets, says a prominent security expert.

CTV News learned Wednesday that Chinese government hackers had attempted to break into federal government network systems. Sources told CTV that Canadian Security Intelligence Service has advised government officials not to name China as the country where the attacks were launched.

Read the full article at CTV News though the video clip has the information you really want to hear.

Keep your machines as current as possible and your anti-virus upto date, beyond that call if something ‘odd’ is happening.